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long ramble about my econ classes in college, labor abuse, wage disparity, death 

Thinking about my old econ professor from college. He was a man who turned milking labor and capitalism into a science; literally. He had the appearance of it too-- having that classical ghoulish look and demeanor to him. He was in his late 50s, wore weird earth tone dress shirts and ties. He spoke with a booming gruff voice and has a dry sarcastic sense of humor. More importantly he was all business and never really editorialized or discussed the material.

Except one day in Econ 101 he came in, sat the book down, sat on his desk, and said "I want you all to understand something. This entire track we're going to be talking about lassiez faire and how the market will self-correct. Well keep in mind that while markets self-correct slowly, people die quickly". Then he just picked up the book and continued.

I dunno why he said that. I dunno what happened to him or went through his mind that morning before he got to class, but I needed to hear that. Suddenly everything made a little less sense to me.

I needed to hear that because, until that day, all of this stuff about money and economics and labor and markets was all on paper, devoid of any attachment to people, to lives, and safety, and well-being.

It came up today, *cough* years later, when someone coldly stated the Great Resignation is due to the devaluing of labor in the age of automation bringing about a price disparity. So clean, so clinical and devoid of the body count of that statement.

Nevermind that statement is just flat wrong.

Anyway, I guess I'm toasting ol' Prof Vic today. I learned more on that one sentence than the rest of my Econ Minor.
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I saw someone say "The internet is forever" earlier and it kind of hurt.

The internet is barely for now, Data disappears all the time. Sites go down, DMCA takedowns. No seeders. No funding. Never archived. Harddrive failure. Redesign that breaks legacy URLs.

The internet is for never.

Fired up the "Dark Reader" firefox addon to tone down another site, and wow it's turned masto into a nice classy scheme...

Dark grey, dark blue, silver, and a pale gold.

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FYI: That Twitch didn't scream "CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS NOW" in their initial acknowledgement of the hack implies they have no idea what's going on and it's possible the breach is still live.

If you use Twitch, keep an ear out for a follow-up announcement that there's a second dump, or a notice from Twitch that they found and closed a hole. You'll need to change your creds again if that happens.

Hm! Oops!

"2 inch" is not "1.5 inch"!

Who knew? Who knew...

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Also, because I just have to say it...

Facebook wins Locktober.

Did a lot of running up n down hills on Friday, in the middle of a load of driving, and also had to push a van multiple times.

Oh god my legs are still so sore I can barely walk.

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Lifehack: If you want to exit a conversation, interject with what the other person is talking about with "Like... do you mean literally or metaphorically?" and then throw your smoke bomb down while they're trying to figure out how what they said can be taken metaphorically.
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If you don't immediately and aggressively state the baseline politics of any environment, conservatives will do it for you

And they will especially do it for you if you try to be apolitical

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if you run or moderate any kind of space at all and you don't explicitly and openly make it hostile to potential conservative visitors, you're fucking up, imo

Like, first thing, dude: you haven't *made* an empire by working hard, you'll be inheriting it from your dad & uncle, who inherited it from their dad. Ya old-money hippy who's never worked anywhere else...

2: Who the fuck in their right mind wants to build "an empire" out of working?

3: I get to walk out the work's gate at the end of the day and it is *no longer my problem*.

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Got the tyre cage stuck on the forks of the merlo, and had to do a bunch of wiggling to get it free again.

Then started getting a load of shit from the boss' son about my driving; which lead to the following exchange:

"You don't do enough driving to!"
Me: "Right. Because I'm not stupid enough to want to get up at 4am every morning."
"You'll never build an empire like that!"

And I can't help but laugh.

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What was the name of the donut shop with the TF magic donuts? 

CRISPR creme

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Gonna say it again for the folks at the back: otherkin-bashing and furry-bashing are, and always have been, just queer-bashing with a blanket over it. Targeting esoteric outsiders in a community is always about ganging up on the queers by using perceived weirdness as a wedge.

As ever, strive to ask yourself a very simple question before you pop off: "is this actually hurting anybody?" If not, then keep your damn mouth closed.

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Admittedly I'm burying the lede here and if you're doing stuff illegal in your host's country of business you're gonna get shut down even if you're buying your own webspace and storing documentation and data in a way that's accessible-- as right you should.

But for the love of gods don't store important data in Discord chats because it's more likely to happen and is almost impossible to archive.
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