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HBO tweeted about the test email they accidentally sent live. They coyly stated "It was the intern, and we're helping them through it", and I think that's a super important message to send. A lot of people seem to agree.

A few people though are pissed because the intern was just the catalyst and the true cause was a systemic failure.

We know. They know. It's okay. Chill for a moment and embrace this public denouncement of blame culture.
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I am here to dispel this myth of some fake condition called "burnout" that can be treated with vacation days and mindfulness and time with loved ones.

That fatigue you feel is called alienation. It is caused by capitalism and is actually treated by EATING THE RICH.

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*sits in a chair backwards*

You know, kids... it's time to talk about something really not "poggers", and you know what that is? Trying to get high on jolteon.

Amping up, or juicin' they call it. Just don't do it. Not even once.

No really, stop licking vee, WTF is wrong with you I don't even have hallucinogenic properties.
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hello! it is once again time to share the big dergs

(art: rakko)

vagueing, grouchy 

I find it amazing -- and incredibly tiresome -- how something really cool can be built by people who are unashamedly weird; then once it starts getting popular with The Normals™, every last bit of character has be scoured out of it, and every one of the weirdos who built it has be driven off & hounded even when they go to build their own little spaces in the corners.

Hmm hmm. Today has been a low-brain day. Been quite pleasant.

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if a bunch of plushies are all in relationships with one another that's a polyfill polycule

Modern web services, their massive resource requirements, and their view of the world being that they are the only service running on any given (implied: virtual) machine, is a parallel to the endless cycles of capitalist consumption.

In this essay, I will...


Trying to quickly archive my laptop home folder onto a pendrive so I can reformat, and the damn thing keeps erroring out at ~4GiB

So, naturally, I start wondering whether I've got counterfeit 8GB drives, or something; and start troubleshooting.

It's only when I sit there and wait for a 'dd' test file to create -- whereupon it errors out at 4GiB exactly with a "file too large" error, that I realise what's going on.


Wanna just crawl under a rock and sleep for an eternity or two; but nooooo, I "gotta go to work" and "do my job"

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Jolteon and the nonbinary pride flag have the same color palette.

The more you know.

S'pose I'd best roll myself out of bed, then...

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Casually accidentally replacing 'me' with 'vee' in conversation. Kind of cute actually.

mental health - 

Between 50+ hrs/week at work since August last year; fumbling hard with union stuff (D'ya know how soul-crushing it is to tell people desperate for help, "No response yet, hoping soon", over and over for weeks?), personal life shittery; other urgent stuff piling up waitin on time/energy/the will to live; & the world burning down...

...I don't think I've had more than *maybe* 5 consecutive hours sleep except over xmas. And oh boy, the hallucinations are real.

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light public humil kink 

Someone randomly drew my 'sona in a kinky outfit and posted it without me ever knowing they were doing it and TBH, this is something I didn't know I enjoyed >_>
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