So math all builds upon itself, yeah? Has anyone ever rendered a full dependency tree for the various branches of mathematics? I suppose course requirement trees built by universities count, but I mean something more general and accessible.

Like "If I want to read about X, I should know Y and Z already, which in turn depend on W and V to grasp"

Because honestly a full tree starting from basic arithmetic and ending at quantum physics mathematics could be neat to see.

A group of Black revolutionaries have started an autonomous zone named #OrishaLand in #Austin, #Texas. They've already done a lot to fight #gentrification by organizing material support & political education for the local Black community. It's a real glimmer of hope for what has otherwise been a shitty #BlackHistoryMonth.

For more about their recent efforts:

On social media:
Instagram: @400and1
Twitter: @_400and1
Facebook: /400and1

Feeling slightly de-synchronised today. Horizontal hold is ever so slightly off where it should be, so my mind keeps sliding sideways out of my body...

o shit, it's just become March. I should go sleep.

I'm half expecting his next move is to have it paved over, because then he doesn't have to do anything to maintain it, and doesn't give two fucks about green space.

Show thread dad's had half the garden shrubs chopped down, including quite a tall holly bush razed to the ground ('s literally a 5cm stump, from 5+ meters tall), because, uh...


Anyway, garden looks like a patch of blighted wasteland, now, and the daft git (...who kills every plant he touches, and I think it's deliberate) says it'll grow back.


Despite everything, I'm still...

Anyway, I'm tired, and old*; how are you?

(* I crossed the threshold into 30, at the end of 2020, and instantly aged by 3 millennia.)

obligue griping about roleplay, subtoot 

I swear to fuck, some people seem to try turn role-playing into a *job*; I already have one of those, and it's also soul destroying, so I don't need another.

I've already cut ties with someone else who does this shit, because if even just seeing your chat pop to the top of the list drains me of all my energy and will to live, because you are horny and obliviously pushy about it *all the fucking time*, then what's the point?

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obligue griping about roleplay, subtoot, slight nsfw 

*groan* I'm tired and old, stop bounding around like a goddamn puppy going "play? Play?! Play? Play! Play with me! It's valentines day! Play with me!"

Go hump the fucking couch-cushions or something., it's been *half an hour* since you last begged, I'm still tired and old.

Also, I may have unleashed the hell-fire of a million web users on some poor photographer's website because they had photos from the aftermath of a crash test, that ... apparently, have not been circulated ... at all?

And I feel bad for their server/hosting bill. :(

(Shoulda fed it all to the internet archive *first* and then linked that, tbh.)

There is something quite satisfying about knowing/finding something not well known, and sharing it with others.

rich people are sort of like that one kid you knew in school that would always change the rules or make up new ones to ensure that they would always win.

“The IWW seeks a Communications Officer with journalism or public relations experience, as well as demonstrated experience within the labor movement. The job of the Communications Officer will involve both external and internal communications. Candidates should be skilled communicators and project managers capable of utilizing a range of communications tools to advance IWW campaigns.

“This is a part-time position of up to 30 hours per week at a rate of $22.12 USD.”

I did not put pistons on rods.

I did, however, get the first part of an inlet manifold welded/brazed together; and lapped some valves.

It's *something*

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And to that end, I am going to brave the snow and head down to put some pistons on rods, or something.

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I've decided to give myself a goal for my truck project.

I'm going to have the engine running by the end of 2021.

Doesn't seem like a massive target, but at the moment the engine's almost a completely empty block; and even after I assemble all the parts, I've got a fuel injection kit to put together, manifolds and an oil-pan to make, and...

Yeah, I think it's going to be tough but realistic.

Need to fit that in somewhere between vehicle projects, electronics stuff, software tinkering, a little bit of leatherwork, union duties, and staring into the void...

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