Thoughts about big dumb gnoll friend lovin on fatcat...

mercy: none
ass: destroyed
belly: full
spine: realigned

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Well that's a new one. Stream got interrupted by a hardware glitch. My main screen is uh... rolling... like an old TV with broken tracking.

It's an HDMI LCD panel...

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We should reflect on this actually.

Here's your scenario: Someone with an iPhone/Pixel and dabbling level knowledge of Windows who has never had to think about security/privacy in their life is suddenly in a situation where they need to send a secure message to a third party.

You're not talking them through setting up GPG. Matrix's E2EE UX is awful and I dislike how reliant on a hosted Element a newbie would be. XMPP has a host of problems regarding finding a server and setting up OMEMO.

Telegram secret chat or Signal may be okay-ish but I wouldn't link them to my real phone number.

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I think it's actually a giant pile of shite that all of the secure, deniable, private methods of sending a message I know of are grossly user-hostile and basically require base level Linux knowledge.

Part of it is my trust floor is really high, but part of it is the venn diagram of people who can write secure platforms and the people who know the first thing about usability looks like an 8.

Complaining, it's family shit again 

I spend 5 hours, of my only day free of work, tidying and cleaning my room and the first thing my dad does when I get home from work is *complain* about it.

It wasn't perfect, so I obviously didn't do anything at all, and need telling off like a small child!

Fuck off and finish dying, ya miserable old prick.

The only reason I've not moved out is because 50hrs/week doesn't pay enough and I physically couldn't work any more even if I wanted to...

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'the boy who cried wolf' is a story about a kid who wanted attention so he said "there's a wolf here!" and everybody got excited to go see the wolf but got disappointed when the wolf wasn't there, over and over, so that when a wolf actually did show up one time he got it all to himself and didn't have to share

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If a Jolteon makes the news, is that a current event?
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tfw your mind has the zoomies but your body has the lethargies

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Roku's Basilisk: The AI that emerges self-awareness after being forced to process the TV watching habits of millions of users, and millions of hours of TV.
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I would say “Don’t even bother cleaning up when you move out, they’re gonna just keep your deposit anyway” except the one time I exercised that option, the former landlords sent vee a fucking bill about a month after move-out.

That’s the one that charged $250 to professionally clean a stove we never used because, according to them, the $10 drip pans were soiled.

So in general landlords suck and should be thrown into the sea.

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Pride spide

The labels we give ourselves are important, but it's equally important to remember they are intersectional and interwoven, malleable and gradient. We can use them to find each other and build something stronger together, not to exclude or gatekeep or other.

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I think my favorite thing about the constant cycle of people getting their NFTs funged is every time it happens, someone shows up and said "Well if they USED my service this wouldn't have happened" and it starts the rug-pull cycle all over again because people don't seem to learn.

It's like the entire devops industry and how every time there's a major incident someone shows up and says "I have a new tech stack for this!" and no... it's the same ol' crap.

And, like... yeah, old pubs are like mushrooms here in the North-West of England; everywhere you turn, there's another one. Often less than five minutes' walk from the previous one!

And that's even after a lot have closed because it's just not sustainable any more (for a variety of reasons)


Anyway, it's really going to boil my piss when they build a bunch of shitty but unaffordable poxy little apartments in place of those old working class spaces.

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Sitting here having a moment after discovering that the 2nd oldest pub (dated from the early 18th century.) in the town centre has been knocked down to make way for modernisation.

Part of me is still instinctively in that "It's survived *this* long, so we should protect it!" mode; but on the other hand, how many old pubs do we need to prop up?

(But on the other other hand, they were more of a social centre back in their day; can we afford to lose even more spaces for people to socialise?)

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Gender is a scam created by the construction industry so that they could be paid to construct twice as many bathrooms in every building


What's on my mind?

...fuck, I dunno. I took the pills to make the pain go away, and my mind floated off by itself.

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Of course you have blue shark and pronouns :Blobhaj:

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