Update to this: Leaf-blowers banned from said workshop.

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May have had too much coffee today


Idle daydreaming as I stumble off to bed fer another short night's sleep before another long day's work;

and folks, the dream: damn, it'd be nice to have a little place somewhere. Little flat, above a wee workshop, working to fix people's stuff or build neat things to make folks happy, without it being a relentless grind to make someone wealthy.

Y'know, that weird little shop tucked away in a corner of somewhere, that almost doesn't seem to exist...

If your feline taur gives you some cheese and meat snacks on a wooden board, it's chakaterie.

On the note of the "well-worn, bordering on decrepit, kinda bodged together because half the major parts are long EOL and all the parts supply has pretty-much dried up" typea aesthetic, that's kinda the sort of way I want to go with my ss13 toy project. Just sorta struggling to get the little fragments of ideas to condense into something more.

Tho, I want the general feel to be "ship/station is a holdover from a 70s revival era".

I'm a sucker for brown/beige/orange/yellow~

There is something *so* satisfying about new-book smell.

Oh my god, apparently I'm not meant to get anything even remotely interesting done tonight.

Power's been out 4 or so times, desktop now apparently has random lockups that I can't easily diagnose, and the laptop has just run out of room on the root partition.

And now it's time for bed, so fuck *me* for wanting to do anything, I guess?

Success! Managed to make it through transcribing the minutes for this month's branch meeting.

's only taken me ... most of the week (3 and a half hours actual work.) to do.

I actually have the opinion that Mastodon is, by design, a *worse* platform that does *even more* to enable harassment than Twitter does in a few regards. I don't think it's special in any form at all.

Gonna become plush, or rubber, to rid myself of the illness.

'tis the only way.

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Head full of fluff.
No thoughts.

(Am ill. 99.5% sure it's just the Common-Ass Cold)

Heroforge, important read (yes, even if you've seen that other post) 

Official clarification on the ToS:

(Transcription not available rn, apologies.)

Please boost this if you boosted the original post.

Out of bed before midday today.... okay, it was 11:59:58 but it still counts.

Seeing as "abolish dst" is making the rounds again, I would just like to say...

Abolish time and let me sleep, goddammit.

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