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Absorbing ultraviolet light through my feathers and photosynthesizing it into pure spite

My back hurts, and I'm tired...

Can I become an animate plush for real, now?

Inner all stitched together now. 😀 Got some edging to finish up and then I get to move on to the outer canvas bag that carries all of it.

Camera bag progress! The end pieces being curved was a happy accident, because I narrowed the bag down from how it was originally, *and forgot to do the same to the end pieces*.

I think it's an improvement, tho.

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"not everything wedge-shaped is a sergal!"

*pointing at door stopper* sergal

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Test pouch, please ignore 😋

Decided to switch to the purple thread while I was practising, so I could actually *see* how wonky I was being. It's been a while since I sewed anything besides trying to rescue the odd pair of pants.

Sewing up a little test piece using this canvas and it's not so bad; takes a bit of effort, but it's nowhere near as bad as I expected.

It remains to be seen how it goes with the (presumably thicker) extra-strength thread.

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Canvas is in, waiting on other stuff to arrive, then I can start scratching my head over the whole thing.


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you, trying to yell at me over really loud laptop fans: "WHY DO YOU USE SUCH AN OLD EDITOR LIKE EMACS"

me, an emacs user:

Gotta say, tho, my fingers are already aching at the thought of sewing heavy canvas.

I mean, sure, I could *buy* one, but:
1. Where's the misery^Wfun in that?
2. This one'll be bespoke, exactly what I think I need! And nobody else'll have one quite like it, I think.

But anyway, current plan is kind of a messenger-style bag, with padding and internal dividers for body and my loadout of lenses (14-42, 70-300, and a 35mm macro), that can also be a chest-bag while I'm on the bike.

I mean, the backpack …works, after a fashion; but errything's just flopping about in there, and tends to get buried by all the other junk I've got (Hi-vis vest, helmet-bag, maps, etc.).

Plus, on the bike, it kinda forces me to weigh a picture against "Do I want to stop, get off the bike, wrestle my way out of the backpack, rummage for camera, etc…", which ehhhh.

I *think* I've got most of it figured out, just gotta nail down the details before I go and order fabric, etc.

Spent the last hour before bed pondering materials and scribbling up a camera bag sort of design, because I figure that if I had a bag specifically for my camera (and lenses and junk), that's quick n easy to grab my camera from, rather than having things piled into my backpack, I might maybe snap more stuff?

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