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@caymanwent @Galuade Ohgod, keyboard evangelists...

Did he also have strong views about the superiority of particular text editors, like so many of them do?

@caymanwent Hey! I resemble that... rem... ar... ... ah, shit.

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cw ads, capitalist hell 

Complaining, cynicism, capitalism 

@tiden "Oh god, why did I enable Gentoo mode?"

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hot take, software licenses 

Politics (🇨🇦; racism; fascism). 

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Take over an abandoned big box store and build homes inside it. They don't need to be protected from the elements thanks to the structure already surrounding them, so you only need to worry about them being structurally sound if you're going to be building multi-level homes inside the building.

Why are mal-warts so fucking tall inside? Let's use that space for something other than making the malton family rich.

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Hah, going through my writings folder and oh boy, so much stuff I started then lost interest in.

Some of it dates back to 2010, according to the file last-modified dates.

...so much of this is going in the (digital) burn pile, fuck.

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pitching the entirety of my adult responsibility overboard as an illegal dumping in baltimore harbor

@kalonZombie @micolithe @zac

Texting is just too outdated, and insufficiently gay.

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i wanna girl with a short skirt and a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong tail (naga / lamia time)

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