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Anyone have any recommendations for an artist who draws multifur, or an artist who draws like, comsic macro?
Just wondering UwU.
DM me.

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Very NSFW art, furry, fat, butthole, udder 



thanks for commissioning me @bobskunk !!!

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VERY NSFW furry fetish; obese taur, 'doughnut' 

something someone commissioned me to draw. gonna finish it this week i hope.

it's very outside of my comfort zone but i don't hate it.

oscillating between "very mad" and "very breed-y"

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what if dragons, but pregnant???

what a concept

boop me on telegram if you haven't already tbh, who knows what might happen

subtooting the usual suspects 

so what's it gonna be, huh? huh?

skunk dragons (skagones) or dragon skunks (drunks)

*fades away*

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