nsfw, skunktaur, macro, large belly, preg, boobs, etc. etc. Show more

kink nsfw macro fat skunktaur butt etc Show more

BUFF ALF Show more

kink, semi nsfw, fat skunktaur art, also burps Show more

Just fyi this place isn't JUST for a buncha legs, you can have a bunch of heads too! Lots of arms! Be macro, chonk, goo, weird. Heck, even have extra ears. Show more

piss, lewd Show more

giant merged taur, innocent bystander Show more

giant merged taur with hyper tail Show more

giant taur dongs Show more

sweaty taur, big junk Show more

horny feets play Show more

Taurs Taurs Taurs

Mastodon is a social media platform that is made up of individual servers that can affiliate with each other (or not.) This one's for people who like big weird taurs.