big tits, eggnant skunktaur 

turns out some moods are contagious, oops, oh no

(art by hourglassdemon)

nsfw, skunktaur, macro, large belly, preg, boobs, etc. etc. 

i was in a specific kind of mood and got this from the same artist who did my refsheet! I'm real satisfied.

FA: dolphpup
Twitter: hourglassdemon

kink nsfw macro fat skunktaur butt etc 

hey check me out, tigerinascarf did this one, artist upload can be found at


posting it here because i cannot wait, you have to see it. you gotta.



art is courtesy of @dobescrusher and they are amazing


kink, semi nsfw, fat skunktaur art, also burps 

Saphiros did this! Aaaaaa!!!

Just fyi this place isn't JUST for a buncha legs, you can have a bunch of heads too! Lots of arms! Be macro, chonk, goo, weird. Heck, even have extra ears. 

But also dongs. Lots of dongs.

piss, lewd 

wanna grow a buncha dicks and put condoms on them

and then fill them all up with piss

which makes this come to mind:

giant merged taur, innocent bystander 

also be careful, if i'm walking down the sidewalk it's possible you could end up part of me!

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giant merged taur with hyper tail 

Check this out, Pi (antipion/prototypebasilisk) and I ended up hugging a little too close at one point and, uh


giant taur dongs 

check me out I'm giving futonmania some lessons on how to taur

accidentally skipped the beginner and intermediary courses and went to advanced multi-leg taur class though...

sweaty taur, big junk 

It was a pretty hot summer, wasn't it? It's really important to stay cool and stay hydrated.

(by joebluefox)

horny feets play 

I'm crushing a Futonmania

who, incidentally, also drew this

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