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random lewd fursona facts from the other day 

@g also like, "hard" is an endpoint

who knows how far "firm" can go

an asymptote that approaches but never hits hard,

random lewd fursona facts from the other day 

@g honestly "only ever firm" is a good way to be

bonus when super hot things don't make things harder, just bigger, with the same give

lewd txt 

@g dozens, hundreds even,

It just keeps getting better

lewd txt 

@g multicock is good, ludicrous multicock is even better tbh

[nsfw] ok but have you considered... 

@Taris I've seen plenty of brightly glowing b-holes but this is an elevation

@g You get used to it even if everyone else in the area won't ('cause they're getting buried in leggies and bellies)

@byte Wouldn't be a landlord if they weren't a bellend

Soon you'll be severed, the boxes will be emptied, and you'll be settled in <3

@byte I'm sure it'll be nice and worth it in the end, at least.

@byte Byte planting: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Byte gardening: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

horny and gross 

@katja yeah, i mean, after a certain point all those exposed wet fleshy bits just start steaming up from all the moisture cookoff

@katja oh 100%, all that fur and flab...

otherwise this big boy sweats hot tubs

@kobi_lacroix it's very right. four's a classic, and more's always welcome, but six?

~chef kiss~

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Did a sketch for @bobskunk doin’ an big steppy, because he’s a good skunk.

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