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please take characters that aren't taurs and make them taurs

gonna sprawl on the whole continent and do a bunch of inane barks It's a tough call!

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random lewd fursona facts from the other day also like, "hard" is an endpoint

who knows how far "firm" can go

an asymptote that approaches but never hits hard,

random lewd fursona facts from the other day honestly "only ever firm" is a good way to be

bonus when super hot things don't make things harder, just bigger, with the same give

lewd txt dozens, hundreds even,

It just keeps getting better

lewd txt multicock is good, ludicrous multicock is even better tbh

[nsfw] ok but have you considered... 

@Taris I've seen plenty of brightly glowing b-holes but this is an elevation You get used to it even if everyone else in the area won't ('cause they're getting buried in leggies and bellies)

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