Kinda sorta lewd? 

@kd Well now I'm thirsty!


fart into my dick(s) until i swell up and/or explode tia

sleepy peepy 

beepy my telegram
i need a distaction before/whilst bed
i will pass out soon

taur piss 

also the entire city downstream

my bad

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taur piss 

going to sleep in a giant empty reservoir and waking up to find i've overflowed it entirely with taur piss


big tits, eggnant skunktaur 

@g gonna be laying allllllll week (nonstop)

big tits, eggnant skunktaur 

turns out some moods are contagious, oops, oh no

(art by hourglassdemon)

still in a *weird mood*

but also a ~weird~ mood

@kd we're both very good at both of 'em, too!

@g OH I figured it out, hell yeah that looks good!!!!

@g ah beans i can't see it in a direct link without registering???

@g immobilizing and huge to the point where the rest of me's just been tipped forward

thinkin' about skunktaur udders, but like, even bigger,

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