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hey i'm gnarly and this is my gnasty corner where i get hornier and grosser than i usually do. stick around to see what that entails if you want (trying to cw more here), just know it's gonna get gross

this is my furred sona, isaac, a big green dumbass stoner of a skunktaur who'll get your entire place smelling like weed and b.o.. most posts are in character

(art by, @kittenpetals on twitter, and yours truly)

i should really draw taur toots again

specifically, donut rippling and vibrating around a butt plug attempting to keep said toot contained

paws? oh, you mean dog feet. haha, yeah that's what we call em around these parts

probably smells like really stale grape kool-aid powder and residual butt-sweat back there

toot, my art 

Librem, meta-ish, blocking corporate instances 

getting a donut like mine is the result of high intensity sphnicter training

this training involves: butt voring friends

collect the congealed sweat from my donut and use it as jam for your toast

when the summer heat kicks in my hole gets real sweaty. looks real good in the mirror though. maybe snap a few pics, maybe send it to a few friends

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