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sup! i am goaty. goat, cat, tiger(taur), snake, dragon? other things. mostly goat but y'know!

usually two legs, sometimes four, open to more!

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talkin about kinks & whatever. horny intro post Show more

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ruin an otherwise good porn drawing by putting the characters in police vests

have a Dick Injury and thus cannot do a sex or jerk off

meats is sooo cute!! they came super fast from me being on my laptop!

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animal person eating someone? makes sense, sure. human eating someone? huh? what?

i'm not into vore, but have no problem with it either. that said, human vore always just feels off in a way i can't really explain

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i have an important and highly marketable idea

someone get me a buncha medical-grade silicone and vaccuum chamber whatever the fuck

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