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sup! i am goaty. goat, cat, tiger(taur), snake, dragon? other things. mostly goat but y'know!

usually two legs, sometimes four, open to more!

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talkin about kinks & whatever. horny intro post 

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my brain spends a lot of time at the intersection of philosophy and being horny tbh

considering drawin goaty with dick that's a lil more like mine when flaccid—i'm a grower, not a shower


what if i was 12 inches tall but with a 6-inch dick and balls to match

lol what if i was a foot tall haha wouldn't that be interesting

"character bound in such a way that their dick is in their own mouth" is such a favorite

endlessly screaming abt this comm from wolberdan on twitter bhjdkfshdjvhsjdfg!!!!!!!

floaty idiot says hello and asks u to join them in the pool........

high for the first time in quite a while and horny as FUCK

and i mean like VERY very good. especially tongues

i'm not really into vore per se, but i like a lot of stuff that's kinda like, adjacent? mouths are very very good, for instance

turns out i am not a fan of tullamore dew! i think i'm more of a bourbon gal

we have some whisky cause of circumstances BUT it's fucking nasty on its own and we have nothing to mix it with :(

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