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sup! i am goaty. goat, cat, tiger(taur), snake, dragon? other things. mostly goat but y'know!

usually two legs, sometimes four, open to more!

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talkin about kinks & whatever. horny intro post Show more

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And finally caught up. Bianca from the Spyro remakes, making things up with the dragons, very steamy place
#nsfw #spyro #bianca #cum #messy #wam #bukkake #cumbath

had a horny dream for the first time in a long time last night

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oh apparently it's the year of the pig now! guess there's just lots of piggy energy in the world and that's why i'm a pig today

this is meant as a 0 judgement thing – it's just something i've genuinely been wondering about!

hey genuine question that i've been wondering about: what's the deal with the doughnut butthole thing? like, where did that come from and what's the, uh, implied physiological thing going on there?

in the mood for big dicks and way too much cum

i go on f-list once in a while but all that ever happens is me laughing at RP ads

i'm watermelon flavor and the purple is pink and the green is still green but a more watermelon gummy color

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