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sup! i am goaty. goat, cat, tiger(taur), snake, dragon? other things. mostly goat but y'know!

usually two legs, sometimes four, open to more!

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talkin about kinks & whatever. horny intro post 

uh horny intro i guess!


into the results of TF, not so much the act itself!

latex/rubber is my favorite!! shinier the better!

taurs are awesome, especially being under them!

petplay is very nice! i like being a kitty, mreowr!!

slime/goo is good, whether it's folks made of it or just slime itself!

i RP with friends sometimes, but not really with folks i don't know. sub-leaning switch, bottom-leaning vers!

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IRL sex talk, drugs 

sex & drugs is a good combo

horny, animal dongs, taurs 

and belly riding in general really but particularly big horse dong

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horny, animal dongs, taurs 

thinkin bout horse taur belly riding


portal fleshlight is a hot idea


thinkin bout big horse cocks once again. honestly it's kinda weird i don't have a horse character

re: :over18: furry nsfw, whaledragon stuff, quadrupeds, breathplay-ish 


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re: :over18: furry nsfw, whaledragon stuff, quadruped 

New portable toy!

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another :over18: furry nsfw doodle, slightly more normal 

Stretchy bunsheep now with bonus boob

:over18: furry nsfw, absurd, but more, possibly kinda gross, further cw inside 

Further cw: surprise, it's gape
I hope this isn't too gross lmao...

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horny weird, idk parasites? infestation? gross? 

slugs on the mind also

horny weird 

extremely in an all-the-way-through mood lately. for me it's best with no organs though—just a straight flexible tube from mouth to butthole


all-the-way-through is so fucking good

:over18: furry nsfw, absurd 

⚠ Trained Professional
Do Not Attempt ⚠

:over18: furry nsfw, lynels, part 2 

Okay, well, there may have been, a slight miscalculation, about the number of guys,

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:over18: furry nsfw, lynels, part 1 

Everyone always said it was a bad idea to approach a lynel without armor and weapons, but this buntaur thinks his 'pacifist approach' is working pretty well so far~<3

talkin bout horny 

surely this has nothing to do with the dozen doughnuts i ate over the last ~24 hours

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imagine if i changed my icon whenever i was in a different mode

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