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sup! i am goaty. goat, cat, tiger(taur), snake, dragon? other things. mostly goat but y'know!

usually two legs, sometimes four, open to more!

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talkin about kinks & whatever. horny intro post 

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wow meats just turned me on like instantly by physically putting a cookie in my mouth without warning while it was open

gotta do a quick cum before bed! especially when you've been a lil worked up all day

:over18: furry porn, absolute nonsense, hyper, inflation, ridiculous idfk 

y'all i ate an amount of food that would normally be sorta like, a regular size for me, but this time it was wayyy much but i still ate it all anyway (large chicken w/ broccoli, whole thing of white rice, quart of wonton soup). was sooo full

forgot what i was gonna say but i know it was horny

is there anyone luckier than the foot fetishist whose partner has good & cute feet?

omfg it has been a LONG time since i've gotten too high. only a little bit too high, not greened out, but wow, new cart is strooong

i wanna go to the chinese buffet again sometime soon

imagine being horny and stoned at 12:05 AM

today is memorial day, the day where we remember all the things we like, especially sex things

i dunno why but it's just really fun to be horny in a place other horny folks can see

i'm all sweaty and that probably turns some of you on but i'm gonna take a shower now so sucks to be you, haha

i've got an idea for a rubber character who eats condoms

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